The name SINIORIS is synonymous with dominating results in the world of supersport & superbike racing. Nine times hellenic champion in both classes a 7th place finish in european supersport class (17th place overall out of 58 participants) a world suspersport (wss) 26th place well front of all wildcard riders is more than we can say.




For those of you who have been around longer than a minute, you may remember the boys from Sweden that took the world by storm in the late 2000s’.

Joy Division came into their own during the 2006 season, when they won the NPPL San Diego Open and became the first European team to win a pro tournament in the US. That same year they one 4 of the 5 Millennium series events.

We are very proud to have them in our ranks.




Hands down the most active Profesional team out there.

Millennium Paintball Series :

3.Place Overall SPL ranking 2014
5.Place Millennium Series 2014 Paris-Chantilly
9.Place Millennium Series 2014 London-Basildon
6.Place Millennium Series 2014 Bitburg
3.Place Millennium Series 2014 Puget-Sur-Argens

10.Place Overall SPL ranking 2013
5.Place Millennium Series 2013 Mediterranean Cup
26.Place Millennium Series 2013 European Masters
9.Place Millennium Series 2013 Campaign Cup
11.Place Millennium Series 2013 World Cup

2.Place Overall Division 1 ranking 2012
1.Place Millennium Series 2012 St.Tropez (French Riviera)
2.Place Millennium Series 2012 Paris
12.Place Millennium Series 2012 London Masters

12.Place Overall Division 1 ranking 2011
19.Place Millennium Series 2011 Millennium Cup Paris-Longchamp
2.Place Millennium Series 2011 MAXS European Masters Bitburg
12.Place Millennium Series 2011 Campaign Cup London
11.Place Millennium Series 2011 World Cup Paris-Disney

Champions Paintball Series :

3 place CPS Snowballn 2017
1 place CPS France Valence 2017
4 place CPS Belgium 2017

1. place CPS Snowball 2016
2. place CPS Living the dream 2016
2. place CPS Tour de France 2016
3 place CPS Final Race 2016

1.Place Overall CPS ranking 2014
1.Place CPS 2014 Final Race Paris
3.Place CPS 2014 Arena Party Belgium
1.Place CPS 2014 Rome

4.Place Overall CPS ranking 2013
4.Place CPS 2013 Final Race Milan
5.Place CPS 2013 Milan Surprise
7.Place CPS 2013 Paris Party
3.Place CPS 2013 Venice Challenge

2.Place Overall CPS ranking 2012
5.Place CPS 2012 Final Race Milan
4.Place CPS 2012 Inbloom Padova Cup
3.Place CPS 2012 Vienna Chalenge
7.Place CPS 2012 Venice Open

IXL – International X-Ball League 2014

2.Place Overall IXL 2014 MLKings Prague
3.Place Overall IXL 2014 MLkings Sacramento
2.Place IXL Brno
2. and 3.Place IXL Traurmannsdorf A.D.Leitha – 3.Round
1.Place IXL Traurmannsdorf A.D.Leitha – 2.Round
1.Place IXL Bratislava

Österreichische Paintball National Liga 2013 :

1.Place Overall OPLX ranking 2013
1.Place OPL-X, event 4
1.Place OPL-X, event 3
1.Place OPL-X, event 2
1.Place OPL-X, event 1

German Indoor Masters :

1.Place Pro-Division 2012

Czech Paintball League:

Czech National Championship 2013
1.Place MLKings (team A)
2.Place MLKings Sacramento (team B)

2.Place Overall CPL 2013 (team A)
1.Place CPL Division 1, 4.round
4.Place CPL Division 1, 3.round
2.Place CPL Division 1, 2.round
2.Place CPL Division 1, 1.round

4.Place Overall CPL 2013 (team B)
4.Place CPL Division 1, 4.round
1.Place CPL Division 1, 3.round
1.Place CPL Division 2, 2.round
6.Place CPL Division 1, 1.round

Czech National Championship 2012
1.Place MLKings (team A)
5.Place MLKings Sacramento (team B)

1.Place Overall CPL 2012 (team A)
2.Place CPL Division 1, 5.round
1.Place CPL Division 1, 4.round
1.Place CPL Division 1, 3.round
1.Place CPL Division 1, 2.round
1.Place CPL Division 1, 1.round

5.Place Overall CPL 2012 (team B)
5.Place CPL Division 1, 5.round
1.Place CPL Division 2, 4.round
5.Place CPL Division 1, 3.round
4.Place CPL Division 1, 2.round
1.Place CPL Division 2, 1.round



Trademygun (TMG) Outlaws is a professional paintball team which calls The Paintball Plex in Fort Wayne, Indiana home. The Outlaw organization was established by Mike Schlemmer, owner of Trademygun, and Jeremy Salm  in 2012 as a start up in divisional paintball. With the help of an Elite player and coach, Jeremy Salm, TMG worked its way through the divisional ranks winning the entire way up, earning the ultimate goal by obtaining a spot in the Pro division. The Outlaws had previous success in 7 man NPPL Pro division, but the highlighting moment of TMG has been competing with the best in the world in the NXL Pro division. In addition to winning 7man pro, the Outlaws rap sheet extends to CXBL Elite Series Champions 2015, back to back DIV 1 World Cup Champions 2013/2014, and a multitude of wins in all of the divisions. Currently, the Outlaws program embodies divisional teams from D5, D4, D3, and D2 with over 100 members. Outlaws strive to provide support to all divisions and we take pride in our family making the Outlaw camp the strongest in the Midwest. As a leading camp in the Midwest, the Outlaws continue to grow and are always looking for new talent at any level!



Team Boom is a well established team that was started in 2003 and was based out of Northeastern Wisconsin.  Chris Jansen joined the team  in 2007 and took over as team owner/captain in 2008 and started to make the changes needed to bring the team to where it is today.  Our current roster consists of 50+ players from the Midwest and California.



Distortion has had a long and extensive lineage seeing such top names as Ryan Smith (Houston Heat), Jon LJ Woodley (Aftershock) and Ronnie Dizon (Aftershock) rise from its well rounded program. Distortion has always been a force to be reckoned with and has always been in contention in whichever division they were competing in. Being a product of the Midwest the team often acted as a local practice squad for Aftershock, spending many hours at Badlandz honing their skills and taking their beatings. In 2015 at the finish of the season Distortion lost the opportunity at the coveted professional division in the NXL.

Pro Series


Bki paintball is the best Online coaching community geared towards any player looking to level up their fitness or paintball skills!
Bki was Founded by Grayson Goff a long time professional player of San Antonio X-FACTOR and a stellar athlete. Grayson will be part of RiSE’s “the Lab” (R&D) and his input will be crucial for the development of our paintball gear in and out of the field.

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